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What is the software modification of control unit?
The SW modification (performance optimization, or chip tuning) is the process of increasing the power of your car’s engine by modifying the engine control unit. It means modifying an erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) chip, an electronic memory block with the serial program of your car’s control unit. The software is optimized for the characteristics of injection parameters, air–fuel ratio, injection length, turbo pressure, fuel quantity, accelerator response speed, as well as torque limiter. Everything consists solely in modifying the control unit software. We do not perform any mechanical interference with the engine.

SW modification makes it possible to:
  • shift gears earlier
  • not change down but keep the highest gear in a car with increased power (at full load or driving uphill);
  • drive at lower speeds, not having to floor the accelerator for the desired speed.
This will help you reduce the consumption.

Thanks to SW modification we can achieve:
  • performance increase by 10–22%
  • torque increase by approx. 10–20%
  • reduction in fuel consumption by 5–15%
  • maintaining engine lifetime and its accessories
  • maintaining the cleanliness level of exhaust gases according to the applicable European Union standards
How is the SW modification done?
Assignment – we will listen to your requirements and expectations. We will show you the possibilities and recommend solutions. We will inform you about the service process and time-consumption and the warranty conditions.
Check – we will use the diagnostics to make sure your car is OK before the chip tuning.
Software reading – we will load the original software via an on-board diagnostics (OBD) port from the control unit of your car.
Backup – we back up your original car software for any further use (e.g. sale of the car).
Software modification – every modification is done individually. Software will be modified according to the specifications for your car, taking into account the year of production, mileage, gear type and current engine power to maintain engine life, emission limits and other important factors and components.
Software write – we will upload the newly modified software back to the engine control unit via the OBD port as we did when loading the software.
Check – we will again perform computer diagnostics and driving test to finish our service.
Warranty – we will issue a warranty card for the control unit and custom software with a 24-month warranty period. Furthermore, we provide a lifetime warranty for free software uploading.
The SW modification process takes 1–2 hours, depending on your machine model.