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Why doesn’t a factory car have the highest performance parameters set?
There are various emission standards in different countries, as well as different premium levels as determined by engine power, and different fuel quality, tax rules or longer service intervals. Passenger cars and lorries, as well as agricultural machinery, are manufactured in series of several thousands to minimize costs, so the engine is optimally ready for a normal ride. In terms of performance, however, this optimal setting has considerable reserves, and the optimization of a control unit is a modification that makes use of these reserves to rapidly increase the engine performance and torque.
Will the engine last? How will its life and consumption change?
The engine is composed of a number of components that perform a circular or linear movement that determines the life of the engine. Bearings and piston rings are dimensioned for a certain number of cycles/revolutions. Under the same operating conditions, it applies to each engine that the more cycles/revolutions it makes, the more it is worn out. If we want the engine to last for as long as possible, it should do as few cycles as possible.
To get a clear idea, here is an example:
Imagine two identical cars driving on the same road. Vehicle A has a performance optimization and, therefore, a more powerful engine, vehicle B has a serial engine. Both vehicles drive at a speed of 100 km/h, and have an identical speed of 3,000 rpm at gear 4, that is, 180,000 rph.
When the road starts to climb, the road resistance will also increase. Vehicle B with an unmodified engine must shift to a lower gear (should it maintain the same speed). Vehicle B changed down to gear 3, thus increasing engine speed to 4,000 rpm. Its engine will do 240,000 rpm instead of 180,000 rpm on a 100 km long track. Lower number of cycles/revolutions extends the engine life!

There is a difference in fuel consumption as well. It is directly proportional to multiple intake cycles with higher revolutions. Higher performance naturally equals more fuel in driving mode, when you use increased engine power and enjoy dynamic driving.